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Neighbors – Bridge builder and friend: Karen Walper

In Roscommon, the name Karen Walper and community service, are pretty much synonymous.  Karen and her husband Paul, moved here in 1988 from Armada, in...

A look back at the 2021 Iosco County Fair

HALE – The Iosco County Fair was held at the beginning of August. The event was attended by thousands of people from across the...

We all play

This photo was taken on a dirt side road east of St. Ignace. It Just goes to show you that sometimes, older people do...

Hale car show

HALE – Hale held its annual car show in August at the American Legion. About 50 vehicles participated in the show and a parade around...

Neighbors – Somer Quinlan: Music aficionado, mom and director of ROOC

NORTHEAST MICHIGAN – July 2020, midway through a worldwide pandemic, may not have been the most ideal time to take on a new job,...

Fall back into birding

REGION – Fall migration is truly a magical time, as waterfowl, waterbirds, shorebirds, songbirds and raptors pass through Michigan on their trips south to...

Bicyclist Safety Enforcement Week to focus on reducing bicyclist injuries and fatalities

REGION – Overtime mobilization grants have been awarded to law enforcement agencies in seven Michigan cities to address an alarming rise in bicyclist injuries...

Nor-east’r scholarship winner announced

REGION – The Nor-east’r Bud and Sandra Miles Memorial College & Apprentice scholarship has been awarded to Mio-AuSable High School graduate Reagan McGregor! According to the...

Groups seek to preserve Lake Huron shoreline

TAWAS – Alabaster Township and Huron Pines are launching a public fundraising campaign to garner financial support and raise awareness to ensure the permanent...

Independence Day

REGION – Communities across the region celebrated Independence Day with parades and fireworks.  - Photos by Mark Constance
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