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Back in time for the 4th

Hello once again my friends and a happy July.  It has been a long time since last we met, but what better time to get...

Faith and a toad

By Mark Constance Went to Higgins Lake yesterday and got ice cream at the Beary North Creamery, a.k.a. The Little Cottage. Took our cups and we...

Our pets are part of our lives

As I was enjoying a mid-afternoon nap, I felt a warm tropical wind on my face, almost hot, pulsing against my face. My mind...

Retired with a working TV

Ran into Herb Collins the other day down by the school. He volunteers there, from time to time, helping kids with their math homework,...

Summer of four seasons

Summer in Michigan has its own set of seasons: Spring, Fall, Winter & Summer. While we may not get snow in a Michigan summer,...

Comfy Chair: Helping has its own reward

By Joel Vernier I was taking a little power nap to prepare for a hectic schedule in my day. When I was fully retired, I thought...

Here comes Summer, hopefully

Hello from Toad’s Stool. Welcome to the month of June and with it ... summer. Time to put the gardens in. Hopefully the last frost has come and gone, but as we all know there is no guarantee of frost here in Oscoda County.

Coffee drinkers are a special breed

Ran into Doc down at The Mule Barn the other day, so naturally we had to rid the world of about a gallon of...

Oscoda senior news: June 2021

Hello June! So happy to be welcoming summertime! It has still been chilly at night, but the days are nicer, there is green all around,...

Cat-dog lover

I was napping comfortably in my “Comfy Chair.” As I was dreaming about the days long past when I could enjoy eating a “Sanders...
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