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Tawas Pointe hosting dedication ceremony

EAST TAWAS – For the first time known, Friends of Tawas Point Lighthouse and State Park will be providing a special Grave Marker Dedication Ceremony to pay respect to Lighthouse Keepers Herbert N. Burrows and Sherman Wheeler.   

The event is scheduled for Sept. 11 at 2 p.m. The public is invited to attend. 

Keeper Burrows was stationed at Tawas Point Lighthouse from 1910 through 1923, and is interred at Greenwood Cemetery, located on East Lincoln Street in East Tawas.  This will be the first location of the two ceremonies.    

Keeper Wheeler was stationed at the Ottawa Point Lighthouse from 1853-1857, which was the original lighthouse on Tawas Point.  It was demolished after the current lighthouse was completed in 1876. 

This ceremony will take place directly after Keeper Burrows’ ceremony.  Wheeler is interred in Alabaster Township Cemetery on Benson Road off Alabaster Road.  If you are a descendant of Mr. Wheeler, the ‘Friends” would be very pleased to have you attend the ceremony.

Both services will include: Welcome, Biographies of Keepers Honored, United States Coast Guard Honor Guard, Posting of Colors, Family Remarks, Unveiling of the U.S. Lighthouse Service Plaque, American flag placement by family of honored light keepers, Lighthouse Keepers’ Prayer, and music, including bagpiper.

To learn more about our friendly, fun, and dedicated group of lighthouse and state park enthusiasts, and keep up to date on all things “lighthouse and state park oriented,” check out our website:  www.tawaslighthousefriends.com or email info@tawaslighthousefriends.com.

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