Local DNR crews earn honors

Pictured are Dave Foster of Gaylord, Eric Rohn of Fife Lake, MISSDIG coordinator, Josh Pellow of Lake City Lake City, and Bill Doan of Clare. Not pictured is Reece Janisse of Roscommon

REGION – The MISSDIG 811 safe digging advocate award was presented at a conference in Mt Pleasant. The crew members were awarded based on the excellent safety record which includes proper 811 notification before digging or land sculpting.

Working with large excavators to shovels for hand digging, they contact MISSDIG 811 on a routine basis. At the conference, the crew members received certification in safe digging and delved deeper into what happens behind the scenes for pipeline safety.

The DNR Park & Recreation crew works statewide primarily on boat launches and also does site development, bridge and culvert repairs on trails. They also assist wildlife and forestry division with large construction projects such as dam and culvert repairs, demolition of surplus buildings and land sculpting. The crew recently completed the replacement of the launch ramp at the West Higgins boat launch.

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