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January National Cervical Cancer Awareness

Central Michigan District Health Department Urges Women and Their Loved Ones to Help Prevent Cervical Cancer 
N.E. Michigan – January is National Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. Central Michigan District Health Department 
(CMDHD) reminds the community that cervical cancer is one of the most preventable cancers that affect women.  
According to the American Cancer Society, in 2019, an estimated 13,170 new cases of cervical cancer were 
diagnosed with an estimated 4,250 deaths from the disease.  In Michigan alone in 2019, there were 360 new 
diagnosis with an estimated 120 deaths from cervical cancer. 
Cervical cancer usually develops slowly, beginning as simple abnormal cells.  If left untreated, these cells 
can progress into cancer.  About 2 out of every 3 cervical cancers are caused by certain strains of the Human 
Papilloma Virus (HPV).  Vaccines have been shown to prevent the types of HPV that lead to cervical cancer.  
Currently there are two HPV vaccines, Cervarix and Gardasil, available for both boys and girls between the ages 
of 9 and 26.  Healthcare providers recommend getting your teens vaccinated. In October 2018, the FDA approved 
the use of Gardasil 9 for males and females ages 27-45. Both vaccines are available by calling your local health 
department branch office and making an appointment.  This vaccine is recommended for males also, because 
they can carry the virus and infect women leading to cervical cancer.   
 The Pap test is a specific screening test for cervical cancer and is not the same as a pelvic exam, although 
the Pap test is done in conjunction with a pelvic exam.  A Pap test is a simple and effective exam that can detect 
abnormal cervical cells.  If abnormal cells are found, treatment can usually be done to remove these cells and 
prevent them from turning into cervical cancer.  Cervical cancer screenings are usually fast and easy.  All women 
who have reached the age of 21 should have regular interval cervical cancer screening.  Following recommended 
Pap smear screening guidelines can reduce a woman’s risk of cervical cancer. 
Men and women should use the month of January to encourage partners and loved ones to schedule a 
cervical cancer screening appointment and talk to their health care provider about the HPV vaccine.  Join CMDHD 
this month in telling mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, family and friends that “You Can Prevent Cervical 
Central Michigan District Health Department provides cervical cancer screenings to all women through 
our Family Planning and Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Navigation Programs.  CMDHD, through the Breast 
and Cervical Cancer Control Navigation Program, provides free Pap tests and breast cancer screenings with 
mammograms to women aged 21-64 with limited income and little or no health insurance.  For more information 
on cancer screening services offered at CMDHD, contact your local CMDHD branch office.   
Arenac County:  (989) 846-6541  ext. 1316 
Isabella County:  (989) 773-5921  ext. 1406 
Clare County:  (989) 539-6731  ext. 1216 
Osceola County:  (231) 832-5532  ext. 1216 
Gladwin County:  (989) 426-9431  ext. 1316 
Roscommon County:  (989) 366-9166  ext. 1316 


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