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Kirtland announced academic honorees

List of winter President’s, Dean’s, and part-time honorees

GRAYLING, —Officials at Kirtland Community College recently recognized students for their academic achievements during the 2019-20 winter semester which earned them placement on the college’s President’s, Dean’s and part-time honorees lists.

To qualify for the President’s list, candidates must be full-time students who earn a grade-point average between 3.8 and 4.0. Dean’s list candidates must have a grade-point average of 3.4 to 3.799. Part-time candidates must have a grade-point average of 3.5 to 4.0.

Dean’s List

Alexander Astopenia, Gaylord

Jennifer Beavers, Clio

Megan Benson, Grayling

Cameron Boadway, Gaylord

Kaitlyn Booms, Lake City

Makayla Bowler, Roscommon

Ella Bush, Thompsonville

Jason Chambers, Houghton Lake

Patricia Chapman, Frederic

Emily Christian, Roscommon

Angel Clayton, Prescott

Amber Cook, Grayling

Kacey Cooke, St Helen

Noah Dannenberg, Grayling

Chelsea Davis, Kalkaska

Anneta Dickinson, Houghton Lake

Jessica Disney, Prudenville

Rachael Doyle, Lewiston

Marissa Dugan, Roscommon

Brittany Edwards, Bay City

Alexis Evans, Gaylord

Madison Giddings, Grayling

Sarah Giddings, Roscommon

Abigail Hamilton, Gladwin

Kyla Hatfield, Boyne City

Brendan Henderson, Roscommon

Whitney Hughey, West Branch

Justin Janisse, Roscommon

Logan Jellison, Twining

Blair Johnson, Saginaw

Dayna Knigge, Rose City

Cheyenne Lake, Twining

Jenia Lewis, Hope

Michelle Lorenz, Chesterfield

Hailey Louchart, Prudenville

Faith Marshall, Roscommon

Jason McConnell, Onaway

Lauren Mead, Grayling

Cristy Meck, Elmira

David Millard, Houghton Lake

Elizabeth Miller, Roscommon

Jarrod Nelson, Grayling

Danielle Nettle, Merritt

Collin Nimke, Roscommon

Tiffany Pagereski, Grayling

Emily Panosso, Gaylord

Micah Petri, West Branch

Sara Piehl, Frederic

Whitney Reilly, Rose City

Heather Richardson, Roscommon

Carly Riselay-Roque, Saginaw

Sarah Rondo, St Helen

Sydney Rosebrugh, West Branch

Michael Ross, Roscommon

Holly Schlickenmeyer, West Branch

Noah Snyder, Vanderbilt

Markie Stachowski, West Branch

Kevin Surrey, Houghton Lake

Chanda Taggart, Grayling

Carly Tomasek, Prudenville

Amy Weber, Gaylord

Joseph Weiland, Mancelona

Britney Welser, Mio

Courtney Westheim, Lupton

Shawn Witherspoon, Roscommon

Charley Wood, Whittemore

President’s List

Darlene Bergstrom, Cheboygan

Destiney Bidoul, St Helen

Trae Bischof, Gaylord

Brandon Budd, Roscommon

Bryan Budd, Roscommon

Cherelle Burkett, Grayling

Tiffany Dale, Grayling

William Davis, Joahnnesburg

Angela Erber, Roscommon

Chelsea Fuhr, Mio

Paige Girardin, Prudenville

Sophie Hagedorn, Gaylord

Nicole Heilig, Lewiston

Courtnay Hornof, Houghton Lake

Nichole Huck, Roscommon

Lisa Jenkins, Grayling

Tana Jones, West Branch

Sydni Kann, Mio

Bradley Kowalsky, Gaylord

Brandon Kowalsky, Gaylord

Kevin Kraft, Gaylord

Emily Ladensack, Fairview

Christie Lay, West Branch

Emily Lezotte, Prudenville

Sydney Major, Roscommon

Kathleen Miller, Grayling

Aidan Mills, Gaylord

Whitney Naffien, Fairview

Sarah Nagy, Houghton Lake

Casandra Nowaczyk, Houghton Lake

Alyssa Ostling, Roscommon

Kaitlyn Phillips, Vanderbilt

Alan Rex, Bay City

Nichole Ruiz, Saginaw

Lindsey Sauro, Grayling

Teresa Scheffler, Hale

Jessica Scherrer, Harrison

Skyler Schlaff, Grayling

Drake Schreiber, Roscommon

Emma Shumaker, Boyne City

Isabella Siemen, Gaylord

Haleigh Smith, Roscommon

Miranda Smith, Clare

Kassandra Stoll, West Branch

Leah Streifel, Grayling

Savannah Sullivan, Grayling

Kate Thornton, Roscommon

Caitlin Trumble, Grayling

Nathan Vandenbulcke, St Helen

Kaela Westcott, West Branch

Part-time Honorees

Matthew Anderson, Grayling

Alexa Bailey, Oscoda

Alexander Bailey, Houghton Lake

Tammy Barioni, Roscommon

Kiaya Baur, Gaylord

Julie Mae Bell, Houghton Lake

Isabella Bentley, Houghton Lake

Allen Bergeron, Gaylord

Macy Bisballe, Lake City

Joel Bovee, Hale

Chad Bower, Gaylord

Conor Bradstreet, Grayling

Elijah Bragg, Gaylord

Travis Brown, Afton

Randi Brushaber, Houghton Lake

Kaylee Bryzelak, St Helen

Darren Buck, Grayling

James Bur, Levering

Alexcenah Burch, Lewiston

Emily Burgis, Houghton Lake

Claudia Cadwell, Hale

Gillian Carver, Alden

Olivia Charles, West Branch

Isaac Chasse, Cheboygan

Emily Christian, Roscommon

Jessica Chrouch, Lupton

Susan Clement, Bay City

Dezyrae Cohoon, Atlanta

Brandi Conforti, Grayling

Alexander Conners, Gaylord

Tammie Culbertson, Mio

Joseph Culfa, Harbor Springs

Stephanie Culhane, Hale

Andrea Cummings, Cheboygan

Tyler Cunningham, Roscommon

Crystal Cushing, Roscommon

Kimberly Cushman, Battle Creek

Noah Cygan, Gaylord

Mason Daniels, Mio

Jason Davis, Houghton Lake

Teegan Dawson, Bellaire

Alisha Delancey, Gaylord

Kelly Diehl, Gaylord

Madison Dorsett, Prudenville

Kevin Downey, Indian River

Kirstin Driscoll, Alger

Emma Ealy, Gaylord

Gavin Estep, Roscommon

William Fensch, Roscommon

Patrick Fink, St Helen

Dylan Franciosi, West Branch

Jacob Frechette, West Branch

Grace Freel, Comins

Kathleen Geyer, Dearborn Heights

Carly Gibson, Whittemore

Madison Giddings, Grayling

Sarah Giddings, Roscommon

Connor Goff, St Helen

Lynda Goff, St Helen

Gail Going, Gaylord

Robert Griffin, West Branch

Dorian Grigsby, St Helen

Lucille Haggart, Houghton Lake

Jacob Hamp, Houghton Lake

Delbert Hart, Charlevoix

Gavin Hartwell, Houghton Lake

Trey Henry, West Branch

Sadie Hesse, St Helen

Caleb Hill, Roscommon

Dylan Holberton, Mio

Anita Howe, Grayling

Corey Hubbard, St Helen

Diane Huskey, Moran

Kenny Jacobsen, Mt Morris

Matthew Jaroneski, Vanderbilt

Haley Jarosz, St Helen

Logan Jellison, Twining

Lisa Jenkins, Grayling

Brittany Johnson, Houghton Lake

Alexander Kennedy, West Branch

Brittany Keys, Chesterfield

Joseph Kimmerer, Hale

James Kittle, Higgins Lake

Hunter Knabl, West Branch

Erin Kozlow, Tawas City

Kevin Kraft, Gaylord

Katelynn Kucharek, Gaylord

Grant Lietzke, Mio

Mariah Lopez, Houghton Lake

Kiara Ludwig, Hale

Hayden Magee, West Branch

John McWilliams, Roscommon

Lillie Meadows, Roscommon

Jessica Meek, Gaylord

Dalton Miller, St Helen

Elizabeth Miller, Roscommon

James Miller, Prescott

Katherine Mitchell, Mio

Michael Moery, Mio

John Morrison, Lewiston

Raymond Morrissette, St Helen

Matthew Mouch, Gaylord

Jessica Nicholson, Fairview

Todd Nye, Roscommon

Caitlin O’Meara, Hale

Zachary Oakes, Rose City

William Ogle, Lupton

Kimberly Ostrander, Midland

Austin Pahl, Gladwin

Britt Parkinson, Hale

Eric Pawlus, Roscommon

Amanda Peplinski, Gaylord

Gavin Peters, Hale

Kaitlyn Phillips, Vanderbilt

Stacy Pitts, Prudenville

Jenna Plaggemars, Mancelona

Cheyenne Potter, Roscommon

Anthony Proffer, Grand Blanc

Samantha Quirante, Burt

Mikayla Regier, West Branch

Alli Reminder, West Branch

Luke Rieger, Prudenville

Jason Robinson, Vanderbuilt

Heather Rogers, Kalkaska

Madison Roll, Houghton Lake

Brody Ruckle, Whittemore

Rachel Sajdak, Prudenville

Vincent Saxton, Grayling

Teresa Scheffler, Hale

Lauren Schreiber, Grayling

Trevor Schroeder, Houghton Lake

Kimberly Scott, Grayling

Zachary See, Harrison

Julie Sheltrown, West Branch

Megan Shilobod, Roscommon

Emma Shumaker, Boyne City

Katelyn Slabosz, Bellaire

Aaliyah Smith, Fairview

Leona Smith, Elmira

Miranda Smith, Clare

Celeste Snider, Oscoda

Adriana Sokalski, Grayling

Paxton Spencer, Standish

Austin Spies, Lewiston

Felicia Sposeto, Grayling

Mary Steele, Grayling

Alexis Strano, Au Gres

Melissa Street, Tawas City

Chanda Taggart, Grayling

Alyssa Taylor, Roscommon

Alan Terrian, Houghton Lake

Julie Tolan, Alanta

Aden Travis, Fairview

Damyen Trudeau, St Helen

Stephanie Tulgetske, Roscommon

Michael Uren, St Helen

Bonnie Vietti, Prudenville

Jacqueline Villanueva, Bay City

Jamie Vineyard, Roscommon

David Wade, Gaylord

Aubrey Willey, Gaylord

Jason Wilson, Frederic

Jaedyn Winton, Fairview

Jamie Wohn, Frederic

Hunter Woods, Roscommon

Chad Wright, Fairview

Connor Wysocki, Mio

Elida Youngblood, Parchment

Jennifer Yung, Bellaire

Courtney Zelmanski, Mio

Adrianna Zimmerman, West Branch

Brooke Zimmerman, Gaylord


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