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Keep calm, get some rest!

During normal times, I simply sit down in my “Comfy Chair” and fall asleep within minutes if napping is my goal. If not, I can watch TV, daydream, or just relentlessly pet my dogs. Lately, I have had some difficulty falling asleep at naptime or bedtime. When I have a problem, all my life, I find the source of the problem, then I hypothesize what is generating the source of the problem, and then focus on what I can change in my life to correct the situation and resolve the problem. This method has served me well in my personal and professional life.
Falling asleep and napping has been the problem. What is the source of this problem? I have considered my eating habits; coffee and several foods may keep one awake at night. MSG, Chocolate, tomato-based foods, and peppers are some foods that can keep me awake. I usually do not eat anything after 6:30 p.m. No coffee after noon. Stress can keep you from not sleeping. I have a friend that manages his stress by not overloading his life with work or personal projects. He states he does not have any more “Bandwidth” to take on anything else. He is brilliant! Managing stress pays enormous benefits.

I am over-taxed with my work, charity, Board members, and political endeavors. Still, I just cannot back off anything now.

I turned on the news and think I may have discovered the source of my sleep issues. The news is full of happenings that I have a difficult time processing. Fires are happening in Canada, Maui, and all over the world. The devastation and loss of life make Hollywood disaster movies look mild. I pray for those who have lost their lives and those who have lost everything. When did this all begin? When was my life turned upside down? Was it the fact that the climate warriors have been busy for decades? In the 70’s, it was a coming “ICE AGE!” Next up was “Global Warming!” now it has evolved into “CLIMATE CHANGE!” Did it begin with 9/11? Was it the “MUTUAL ASSURED DESTRUCTION” regarding nuclear war? The “TERRORIST ATTACKS!” Was it the trickle of “ALIEN SPACECRAFT” Videos? Were “COVID” lockdowns, masking, or vaccines now in question for efficacy? “INFLATION?” “FORMER US PRESIDENT ARRESTED?” The “GREEN ENERGY MOVEMENT?” I will quit watching the news and settle for my old Western Channels. I might begin sleeping better!

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