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Cool days and calm nights ahead

Hello my friends and welcome to the month of September? Wow September already where did August go so fast. One day it was the fifth of August and the next it’s September. I guess that it is okay because I really like September.

September is the month of the beginning of the cool days and nights though I do not have any complaints about the past summer. It has sure been a nice year for nighttime temperatures.

My bird friends have been keeping me great company. I have had a pair of Scarlet Tanagers for most of the summer though absent right now. The Orioles have been by lately as well.

One thing about August is that it is the month of the ugly Blue Jays. They sure look miserable when the head feathers are molting.

After the ugly birds though come the beautiful fall flowers. The Purple Loosestrife is in full glory right now.

I hope that there is no more spraying for “Gypsy Moths” because I don’t care what the experts say, every year after spraying we see fewer birds. No Whippoorwills in my yard this year but I can hear some in the distance. Another bird not seen this year is Night Hawks, and last year we finally had a half dozen.

I consider Night Hawks and Whippoorwills sentinel species because when something goes wrong in the environment, they are among the first to suffer and die.

We were set up by God to be the stewards of the earth and such responsibility should not be treated lightly. I know that we cannot actually take care of the whole world by ourselves, but we can be caretakers of our own properties and surrounding areas.

I am sorry as I don’t mean to preach to everyone it’s just that it truly bothers me what so many just do not care about.

The flowers in my wife’s garden are looking nice which is more than can be said about the vegetables. Nothing against her gardening skills though because the deer and bunnies seem to think that she does a great job.

So very many deer coming in makes me think that maybe I should start hunting again. I just don’t want to kill anything anymore. I even relocate the chipmunks and ground squirrels that I trap here.

I know that I speak about it often but why do so many people come “Up North” for the beauty, and then throw their trash out along the roadsides. We pick up stuff regularly on our travels. Is it so hard to just hold it in your car until going to a gas station or fast-food place or some other such place and then leave it in the bin.

Labor Day is the big day in September and while checking out what traditions are associated with it, I found most to be travel and party related. However, one that I found is one that I had not heard of before and that is taking treats to a fire hall or hospital or other such establishment. I think that is a nice idea, especially as they have to work and do not get the time off.

Until next time we meet, please help keep our woods and waters clean. Oh, and if you can, maybe plant a tree or some flowers to help our animal friends.

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