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Earth vs. flying balloons!

I was cocooned in my “Comfy Chair,” enjoying an afternoon nap. I was on another dream adventure; this time, I was playing a role in the movie “Earth vs. Flying Saucers.” I was playing the role of Dr. Russell Marvin! I find dream adventures a great way to fall/stay asleep!

I began to wake up when the local newscast came on discussing the “Chinese Spy Balloon!” They shared that the balloon carried a payload similar to the weight of 2 buses. Wow, that must have been some balloon. This left me with several questions: Why did the military not just shoot it down? Why did they wait until the balloon with an antenna array floated over our military and other nuclear facilities? Why were the American people not told about this until it hit the Montana news cycle? Why, with trillions of dollars in the budget for the military, could this size of a balloon move into our airspace undetected. I’m just a retired guy from Mid-Michigan; I’m not in the know, and I do not have any intelligence clearance. But I am a taxpayer, and I would like to be more comfortable with what our government is doing.

One balloon is one thing. As the days moved forward, there were 2, 3, and 4 more flying objects. They were shot down quickly. What were they? Some people are asking if they were of alien origin? I thought to myself, “Life mimics art!” My mind went wild! I reflected back on the many sci-fi movies on aliens that I have watched in my lifetime! If it is aliens, how do we destroy them if they have advanced technology like balloons? I remembered “War Of The Worlds,” where none of our weapons had any effect on the aliens, but a virus took them out! Then there is “Invasion of the Saucer Men.” They were disposed of by teenagers using car headlights! (“They must have been on Bright!”) In the movie “Signs,” they gave the aliens a good soaking in water! Also, loud music; (“That parents do not like!”), Electricity, and of course, good old-fashioned fist fights!

For the foreseeable future, I have the following recommendations. Hold off on any recreational balloon rides. Do not purchase any balloons filled with helium for the kids, In case they are spotted too close to your house. Don’t go outside wearing baggy white sweats like they wore at the Super Bowl halftime show. They looked a bit balloonish! Don’t stand next to any cartoon figure that displays thoughts in a balloon next to their head. With all of the craziness happening in our world (“My opinion”), the aliens will avoid Earth at all costs!

“Remember, every day is a gift! Some are just a little more fun to open than others. – © Joel M. Vernier 02/14/2023 Author of: “The Guinea Pig In The Freezer.” joelmvernier@aol.com

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