“All men are created equal. And are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights.”

– The Declaration of Independence

We are all racist.

We aren’t born racist, of course. But get that way through our interactions as a child via our parents, family, friends, schools and community. And later through shared experiences and personal trials.

However, at some point, usually when we become adults, a light bulb goes off. Something happens in our lives that just doesn’t fit in with the Christian tenants many of us live by. The type of event where if you have any amount of empathy, you can’t help but feel injustice.

And at that point we each have a decision to make:

We can commit ourselves to try and work past this poison, but it won’t be easy. Our collective fear of what we don’t understand has always been a barrier toward the journey of creating a stronger and more inclusive society.

Or we become part of the shrinking group that justifies racism through their words and false narratives.

There is no more hiding. You are either on the right side of humanity, or you are not. unless we, the United States of America, are willing to change our hearts and deal with the historical legacy of racism, we will never become the nation our founders aspired to create.

Until all people are treated equal.