Joining together to help celebrate Helen included: front (l-r) Kaci Hitt, Malie Lippert, Patsy Lippert, Helen Lippert. Center (l-r) Jim Lippert , Sawyer Lippert (Infant), and Rose Lippert (Infant) Middle (l-r) Chris Lippert, Hailey Lerner, Danielle Lerner, Nicole Crespo, Nick Hoover, James Crespo, Isaac Lippert, Becca Lippert and James Lippert III. Back (l-r) John Hitt, Austin Lippert, Nicole Lippert, and Emily Schimmer

ROSCOMMON – Breakfast at her home in the Brook at Roscommon signaled the start of just another weekend for 99-year-old Helen Lippert. But when her son Jim picked her up, her true adventure began as she was transported to the Au Sable Riverview Resort in Grayling. For Helen, turning 100 years young, it was the beginning of her wonderful, fantastic, truly delicious, very grand day. Surrounded by her family it epitomized the theme of the weekend “100 Years Loved” as five generations deep and still growing gathered from around the state to celebrate and embrace this spunky woman of 100 years.

Helen’s life in the area began in Grayling in 1920. Her legacy around Higgins Lake springs from her time when her husband Paul and she ran the Sonoma Lodge. Generations of Higgins Lake vacationers partook of their hospitality and that same spirit pervades her life now.

Helen enjoys spending her time at the Brook with life-long friends and members of her church Messiah Lutheran. Although nearly blind, Helen still sees the joy in every day and appreciates the blessings of those she knows and the love of her family.