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Christmas Hymns and Opening Day – Toad Stool

Christmas Hymns and Opening Day

Merry Christmas, finally December is here, and I can once again play my favorite music without everyone looking at me as if I am an escapee from the local crazy jail.

Yes, Christmas Hymns are my favorite music, followed closely by regular hymns.

For some reason lately I have been seeing a lot about women’s suffrage on my Facebook timeline. A little-known fact is that one of my ancestors supported this right for women.

In 1868 Enos Stutsman introduced a bill to give women the right to vote in the Dakota Territory; this is believed to be the first such bill introduced in the United States. It passed the House, but failed in the upper chamber, the Council. This bill failed by one vote.

My birds are still coming even though the snow is covering all the seed. This is the first winter without a porch roof to protect them from the winter elements. I am hoping to be able to replace the roof next summer because I really like the extra protection for my friends.

I have now added a Red-Bellied Woodpecker to my list of daily visitors. Friends that are slow to arrive this year are my friends the Gross Beaks, both rose-breasted and Evening, have yet to show their faces.

So, for those of you that went deer hunting and had to work hard at it and still didn’t get one, I have a story for you. Dave Medlin is the son-in-law of Don and Barbara Crawford, the former owners of the Rainbow Resort.

Dave lives in South Carolina and has never hunted, anything ever. He was however very excited to try especially when Don got a small buck earlier bow hunting. Then Barb;s brother Dan got a small buck, further fueling the fire he had to get out in the woods and bag his first deer. Dave even watched a video that taught you were to aim and shoot a deer so he would have a better idea.

The cost of an out of state license makes it an expensive endeavor, but hey that tasty bit of venison is worth it right? At least Dave thought so.

He missed our opening day, but on Saturday he was ready to go. So, Dave and Don go out and set in a blind together. Enjoying their company, they sat for about an hour and a half when Dave said, ‘Hey that’s a deer right there in front of us.’

He scopes it and says it’s a buck to which Don responds, well then you better shoot it quick, he won’t stand there all day.

So, after a whole hour and a half, Dave bags a very nice seven-point buck. What a way to start your career in whitetail hunting. Congratulations Dave on a fine hunt.

I hope that all of you hunters out there had a good time enjoying our wonderful woods this season.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year.

  • Warren Stutsman can be reached at warren@UpNorthVoice.com
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