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Michigan election results 2022

US House Seats: Democrats 7 Republican 6

Governor: Gretchen Whitmer (Dem) 54.5% Tudor Dixon (Rep) 43. %

Proposal 22-1 66.5% yes (Sets new term limits for lawmakers)

Proposal 22-2 60% yes (Legalizes early voting and ballot drop boxes)

Proposal 22-3 56.7% yes (Adds the right to abortion and contraceptive use to state constitution)

Attorney General: Dana Nessel (D) 53% Matthew DePerno (R) 45%

Secretary of State: Jocelyn Benson (D) 56% Kristina Karamo (R) 42%

US House District: Jack Bergman (R) 60% Bob Lorinser (D) 38%

US House District 2: John Moolenaar (R) 64% Jerry Hilliard (D) 34%

Michigan State Senate District 1: Erika Geiss (D) 71.5% Erik Soderquist (R) 28.5%

Otsego County Recycling Millage: Yes 72% No 28%

Otsego County Gaylord Community Schools Board: Kari Visser-Robel, Katie Drzewiecki, Jeff Wieber, & Rachel Davis 

82nd District Court Judge: Mary Beebe 66.79% Troy Daniel 33.21%

Otsego County Johannesburg-Lewiston Schools Operating Millage: Yes 60% No 40%

Otsego County Vanderbilt Area Schools Operating Millage: No 51% Yes 49%

Otsego County Vanderbilt Village President: Christina Sayles 51% Dorothy Robinson 49%

Roscommon County County Commission 3rd District: Rex Wolfsen (R) 68% Tula Alexander (NP)32%

Roscommon County General Operating Millage Restoration: No 56% Yes 44%

Roscommon County COORS ISD School Board (2) Nancy Persing & James Mangutz 

Roscommon County Roscommon Public Schools Operating Millage: Yes 52% No 48%

Roscommon County Lyon Twp Supervisor: Larry Maduri (R) 62% Harold Johnson (NP) 38%

Roscommon County Lyon Twp Clerk: Douglas Schnell (R) 66% Joe Wagster (NP) 34%

Roscommon County Lyon Twp Treasurer: Susanne Grier (R) 67% Gregory Pearn (NP)33%

Roscommon County Lyon Twp Trustee: Eric Carlson (R) 64% Laura Piaskowski (NP)36%

Roscommon County Lyon Twp Trustee: Lenette Tomak (R) 65% Ron Byelich (NP) 35%

Roscommon County Richfield Twp Supervisor: Raymond Wlosinski (NP) 51% John Bawol (R) 49%

Roscommon County Richfield Twp Clerk: Pam Scott (D) 51% Greg Watt (R) 49%

Roscommon County Roscommon Twp Road Millage: Yes 61% No 39%

Board Member for Hale Public Schools (2): Cindy Sheldon & Jeremy Spaw 

Board Member for Crawford Area Public Schools: Ryan J Finstrom, Matt Cragg & Nicole Persing-Wethington 

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