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Take a ride on ‘Hairless Joe’ at Wurtsmith Air Museum

OSCODA- Experience a ride that thousands of Allied troops took during World War II on a C-47 airplane on August 19-20 at the Wurtsmith Air Museum located at 4071 E Van Ettan Street, Oscoda, MI 48750.

Celebrating 100 years of aviation in Oscoda and 70 years since naming Wurtsmith AFB, and the 30th anniversary of the base closure, the Wurtsmith Air Museum will host a two-day fly-in and pancake breakfast from 8 -11 a.m. each day with the museum open from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. each day. Visitors can also take a quick ride around the pattern in the C-47, an aircraft that pays homage to the heroic crews operating in the China-Burma-India (CBI) theater of World War II.

Yankee Air Museum

For thrill seekers desiring a once-in-a-lifetime experience, rides on the C-47 are available at 10 and 11 a.m. on both Aug. 19 and 20. This short introductory ride, called “Fly the Pattern”, is $95.00 per person. Order now at https://yankeeairmuseum.org/fly/#c47 or take a chance and walk up the day of the flight.

The C-47, Hairless Joe, is owned and operated by the Yankee Air Museum and was one of the most vital pieces of military equipment in winning the war according to General Dwight D. Eisenhower. The C-47 Skytrain was developed from the Douglas DC-3 civilian airliner.  One of the most mass-produced aircraft in history with 11,000 manufactured before and during WWII, there are still 172 of the aircraft flying today. Also known as the Gooney Bird, the C-47 was built to last.

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