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Embrace the New Year

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Hello, my friends, I am so very happy to be able to welcome you to the year 2024. I hope that this year finds everyone blessed with good health and though I don’t think money is everything I do wish you all prosperity as well.

 I always trust in God to give me enough and it seems that He supplies a little extra for my wants not just my needs.

I have had a few visitors today; well feathered ones have been stopping by for a quick bite. The Blue Jays still stop by but are not here as often as in the last couple of months. The woodpeckers are sure making up for them though as we sure are using the suet up fast. It’s a good thing that Santa always brings me a case or two.

I have always envied those of you that have Turkeys coming around regularly well this past summer three ladies have stopped in and seem to like it here enough that they almost never leave. I don’t mind but we are using a bit more chicken feed. Maybe next spring we will have little turkeys running around.

I know that many of you have made New Years resolutions and I wish you well on each of them. I resolve to not make any resolutions, uh, err… hmm I don’t think that makes any sense. Like many others I am trying to change my life habits in the way of exercising and eating.

I am fortunate to have the benefit of some great dietitians from the Saginaw VA helping me. I just love my VA and all the workers I have supporting me. I just spent two weeks in-house at the VA hospital and during that time lost almost 30 pounds.

For everyone trying to lose weight remember that January 2 is National Buffet Day, but we do not have to support every holiday now do we.

While looking at the list of national days I noticed that every day has a national food holiday listed, it’s almost like there is an agenda against us losing weight. January 12 however is National Stick to your New Year’s Resolutions Day, so there is hope.

I love the Christmas season and we have a very large collection of snowmen that take over the house during late November until February sometime. I wonder if that’s why the house feels so chilly, and we seem to use more firewood.

Many of you know that I do a bit of woodwork. Well, I was blessed with several new tools for woodturning at Christmas and have plans of lots of time in the shop making bowls, cups, decorations and much more. I sure do like this hobby and if you also are a wood turner maybe sometime, we should get together and talk shop over a cup of coffee.

In Mio on Twelfth street is the Mio Seventh-Day Adventist Community Center that we help run. If you know of anyone in need of clothing, bedding, or household items please send them by. We are open on Wednesdays from 8 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. We also have a food closet for anyone that could use some help. If the need is beyond our regular hours, please call Kimberly at 989-826-3871 anytime.

It has been nice visiting with you all again and I hope that this can once again be a regular monthly visit.

Remember, please help keep our woods and waters clean. 


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