Hart Ford
Hart Ford

Apocalypse now?

My napping ability has been diminished lately with the current news cycle. Fires on a global basis, earthquakes, flooding, wars, and rumors of wars! What’s next? Locust swarms? Rivers turning blood red? Famine? More diseases, more employment strikes, and Alien Invasions? How can we have alien invasions when the Government has denied they even exist? How can they invade when the flat Earth is covered by the Firmament? Wait…the Earth is flat? The Firmament is in the Bible; does that mean it’s real? If we and aliens can’t get past the Firmament, how did we land people on the moon?

Sometimes, when I settle into my “Comfy Chair,” instead of jumping into REM sleep, I jump in my “Comfy Chair” when I think about changing world events. Change is the only constant in the universe! Everything changes! Our bodies change daily, and our cells replace themselves every 6 months! Time also changes us: aches and pains, grey hair. Those changes are slow; they sneak up on us and steal our youthful attributes. While we are used to change, rapid change is challenging. Gradual change is easier to adapt to than extreme changes forced upon us by natural disasters or crisis intervention.

What is this change leading to? Is this the Apocalypse now? The Apocalypse is the complete final destruction of the world as described in the Book of Revelation. Have the Four Horsemen left the barn? Is this it? In Matthew 24:26, “No one knows about the day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son. But only the Father!” Are we at the Apocalypse or Armageddon? Are we facing the end of the world or an uncovering of evil that has tormented the world? While I cannot answer questions of this magnitude, I’m not a Theologian, and it’s above my pay grade. I have some thoughts on how I deal with extreme changes. 

There have been so many dates of the end of the world that have come and gone! All put up by man, people who sincerely believed that the date they came up with was the end of the world date. But so far, they were wrong. “No one knows….” Does that mean we should do nothing? Just live our regular lives? I’m thinking that truly we should never just live our regular lives! “Every day is a gift!” I write this at the end of every column. We should strive to improve ourselves and how we interact with the world around us and grow spiritually or just as human beings. Improving ourselves is always a good thing. The more we improve ourselves, the more prepared we are for change. If the end of the world happens, we will feel more ready; if it does not, we will feel better about ourselves. We mustn’t get ourselves lost in fear and anxiety of the end of the world! 

Fear anxiety never accomplishes anything other than making us lose sleep or our health. We cannot control the future or events at certain levels. We can pray, and we can elevate our thinking processes. We can treat our neighbors, friends, and family members better. We can live in a positive mindset and enjoy every day!” 

Remember, every day is a gift! Some are just a little more fun to open than others.

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