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Hart Ford

Flip flops

Mid-morning is one of my favorite times of the day. It is such a perfect time to settle into my “Comfy Chair” and to take a rejuvenating nap. I enjoy taking a little foray into a deep, restful REM type of sleep. A little catnap some shuteye, a contemplation of the inner mind, studying my eyelids! The sensation of being so comfortable, so warm, so snugly and peaceful, is amazing. And then came a rhythmic sound that disturbed my solace; Flip-flop, flip-flop, across the room they came, closer and closer, flip-flop, flip-flop. The sound wrenched me from sleep ejecting any thoughts of a sweet little dream! I sat up in a cold sweat and yelled out to my spouse “You’re not wearing those abominable flip flops in the house again, are you?” “You know the noise wakes me from my nap!”

The venerable flip-flops have trod their way into every corner of societal life since they came on the scene in England in the plastic version by John Crowe in the 1940’s.

They were originally called the jandal after the Japanese sandal. Derived from the oldest thong-type of footwear (Not to be confused with the current thong-type of underwear), they actually date back to 1500 years B.C. I wonder if the sound echoed in the cave dwellings?

In the United States, from very humble beginnings as beach attire, they became a new status symbol, transformed into the chicest, hottest, coolest type of foot attire now worn in restaurants, on dates and to graduations. Flip-flops have been seen & heard going to Church, accenting the choir with their rhythmic beat, and echoing endlessly in the great . During funerals, the flip flops echo endlessly throughout the Cathedral! There are endless versions of the flip-flop; Camo flip-flops; dress flip-flops, funeral flip-flops, wedding flip-flops, baby flip-flops even a version for infants that have not learned how to walk. I have seen shinning silver flip-flops, gold flip-flops, bling and even LED lighted flip-flops. I understand that they were even given to terrorists to wear on their way to water boarding sessions, the detestable noise the flip-flop made, caused them to give up more information than the water boarding itself! Thanks to new rules of interrogation, water boarding and flip-flops can no longer be used.

How have flip-flops infiltrated the lives of so many? Is it comfort? Cost? Style?  Yes, even I have tried to wear a pair of flip-flops. The bottoms of my feet loved them, but the irritations between my toes were a deal breaker. Granted, clogs have displaced many a flip-flop devotee. Clogs eliminated the pain between the toes, are standard attire in the business, and they have even developed a winter-wear pair. But flip-flops have endured and continue to grow their market despite the competition.

I would like to see a museum dedicated to the Flip-Flops. Maybe museums honoring the Hula-Hoop®, to Silly Putty®, the Nerf® football, Lawn Jarts®, Pet Rocks®, the Slinky® and the Frisbee® too. Maybe we need a Nerf® flip-flop that would be very quiet, and I would not be so rudely awakened from my naps.

“Remember, every day is a gift! Some are just a little more fun to open than others!” – Joel Vernier Author “The Guinea Pig In The Freezer! © Joel M. Vernier, July 21, 2023. Author “The Guinea Pig In The Freezer”

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