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A storm is brewing: be prepared!

It was another summer day; I was up at the crack of dawn, around 8 a.m. I consumed my usual summertime breakfast of eggs, toast, and  coffee. Water to swallow down various pharmaceutical, vitamin, and nutritional supplements. To look at me, you would think I am just chock-full of nutrition. I certainly do not look at all deprived of nutrition at all. But one cannot be too healthy. In addition to the Rx’s, I take vegetable pills, fruit pills, and vitamins D, C, B, and E. After consuming all of this, I am exhausted.

I settled into my “Comfy Chair” and began to drift off into slumberland. As R.E.M. started to overtake my eyeballs, I was abruptly shocked back into the land of the living by the dreaded sound of my weather radio’s alarm! It said that My County was under a severe thunderstorm warning with dangerous winds, hail, and a tornado watch; yikes! I was recently trained as a weather spotter. First, I made sure we had everything needed if a severe storm hit. I went to my checklist of storm safety precautions.

I have installed a whole-house surge protector. Each outlet has its own surge protector plugged in for all electronics, refrigerators and freezers! We have a basement that has a pre-selected safety zone complete with chairs, a 30-day supply of water, and a 90-day supply of food. If I get nervous, a 90-day supply could turn into a 30-day supply of food. I have a box of flashlights, blankets, matches, and a supply of beverages. The chairs consist of two of my old retired “Comfy Chairs” that my wife said they could no longer stay in the family room. We are ready.

I turned on the television to watch the weather maps of the approaching storms. The storm was approaching; I looked out the patio door at the cloud formation. It looked like typical storm clouds. The winds began to howl, the trees started to bend, and the rain came in sheets! I Horizontal rain, vertical rain, inverted rain, pounding rain! The lightning was everywhere! The thunder sounded like a reverberating bowling alley. No hail, just rain. All of a sudden, it was done, gone, over.

The sun came out, and the birds began to sing. My stress levels went down, and life returned to normal. It is better to be prepared for storm season than to need supplies and not have them available. I hope I never need them. I looked at the clock, and it was lunchtime. I’m starved; time for a sandwich and a well-deserved afternoon nap

“Remember, every day is a gift! Some are just a little more fun to open than others. – Joel
© Joel M. Vernier May 7, 2023


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