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Letter to the Editor: Issues with fentanyl

Last month I watched a local news station, and read articles, that reported on fentanyl and the southern border; how republicans have made this issue and immigration a top priority.  However, what I didn’t hear is that most of the fentanyl is smuggled in by U.S. citizens, not immigrants seeking asylum.

When journalists leave pertinent information out of their reports, they are purposely creating disinformation.  Combining these two issues and not explaining how they are separate could cause confusion for many, who might automatically tie them together, as some journalists did.

I investigated the fentanyl and southern border issue after recalling that I had read about this recently. I found many valid sources that tell the facts.  The U.S. citizens are killing their own country’s people with fentanyl and using minors to traffic a lot of the drug in, then sell it to minors in schools and neighborhoods.  Instead of pointing fingers at others, we need to look in the mirror if we are to get a grasp on this terrible drug.

Fentanyl is also coming in from across the sea, from the east: China and India, according to the DEA.  Blaming others for drug trafficking will never solve the problem because drugs have been used by humans for thousands of years.  We need to work on this issue with people within our communities, state, and nation.

A few good sources for information are the CATO institute (libertarian-right leaning), NPR (moderate-left leaning), and the DEA.

Donna Russell

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