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Letter to the Editor: The demise of education

ROSCOMMON- A local news station held a survey asking viewers if college admissions should be based on “merit or diversity.” Merit won out overwhelmingly. I agree that merit should be the basis for college admission, it should not be based solely on ethnicity, but we should also have diversity in our colleges and universities.

Tests can be and have been created to allow a diverse population to show their abilities to enable people of all backgrounds to admittance into higher education institutions.

Considering these current issues facing education and educators: making an A easier to get, easier classes, banning books, Christian nationalism, creationism, hiring people to teach that could not pass basic subjects or the state certification tests, placing teachers in subjects they did not study or earn a degree and certification in, and I see a big contradiction.

How can our young students earn admittance into colleges and universities based on merit if they do not have a good education? If a teacher does not possess the ability in basic subjects or in a particular subject, they cannot teach students well.

I was a general education teacher, then earned a second master’s degree and K-12 certification to teach Special Ed. English. I learned firsthand the big difference in teaching various subjects and students at all levels before retiring.

People should be aware of their child’s school districts, teachers, and lessons. Be involved and speak up at school boards (or directly to teachers) but should not be dictating what is to be taught. People need to use critical thinking to realize that they are destroying education along with students and our society’s future.

The dumbing down of America is forging ahead full steam!

Donna Russell


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