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Comfy Chair: Hot air and humidity

As I settled into my “Comfy Chair,” I was a bit frustrated because I could not use one of my dozens of comfy blankies. I have one for almost every holiday and time of year. I don’t have one on a day like today; hot and humid!

I’m a bit frugal, so I don’t like to turn on the Air Conditioning until the temperature exceeds 90 degrees. The high today is only 89 degrees. High humidity only happens in Mid-Michigan about 15-20 days a summer.

This has been an unusual year; we have had at least 15 AC-worthy days already, according to my Consumers Energy monitoring. I look every couple of days at my energy use online on the Consumers home page. It will show you your energy use yesterday and for the week & month. Using the AC or a dehumidifier in the basement spikes your energy use.

A Hot Tub also will put you in the stratosphere of spiking your bill. There have been days like today that I regret not using the AC, as the low tonight is 74 with high humidity. That makes it hard to get a nap or even a great night’s sleep.

High humidity over 60% causes many problems for some people. The air feels stale; hair gets frizzy (not a problem for me). You sweat more, and it does not evaporate; you feel hot, sticky, and you might even smell spoiled. Even the best deodorants won’t live up to their ads on television.

When the air holds more moisture, it also holds the heat. Storms can pop up quickly, and some can be severe. If your basement gets too much humidity, things can get moldy, walls, wood, your favorite stuffed animal, chairs, couches, etc.

The first can take on a slight green color, like a newly planted field that just begins to take on a green tint. High humidity can make small tasks like getting the mail or taking out the garbage a trial worthy of a Hercules-type test of skill & endurance!

Mowing the lawn is not even possible for the normal retired human being. The news media screams at you to stay indoors and keep hydrated. The landscapers and road construction crews really deserve our respect! It’s so hot and humid that my dogs don’t even want to go outside!

I remember going down to Boca Raton, Florida, in July. As I exited the plane, it felt like I was walking into an oven, hot and humid; I began to sweat in about 3 steps. It felt like I was in the tropics or on another planet.

Why have we not marketed a body suit that has air conditioning, and refreshing scents like eucalyptus, for example? Or maybe just infuse some essential oils in the body suit. I rode the smelly, moldy, bumpy hotel shuttle and entered the hotel’s very AC-controlled lobby; travel in real life is not as glamorous as in the movies.

Movies portray travel beginning with the plane taking off and cool music. The next scene is in a fancy hotel room, with no hassles with luggage and transportation to the hotel. My room was in the main building, so I did not have to go back outside into the elements and sweat again.

I entered my room and looked out the window, and was excited to see three different-sized pools. The pool chairs were loaded with people all oiled up and marinating for the evening’s activities.

I could hardly wait to get there and slip into one of the pools. I quickly put on my bathing suit, flip-flops and t-shirt and headed out to my pool of choice. It was a huge pool with a working water slide packed with kids and adults playing like they were kids. Lots of people in the pool. I found a deep end 6ft. I jumped in feet first, anticipating a refreshing dip, but as the water surrounded my body, I felt almost nauseous; the water was hotter than the air! Awful!

I grew up in Michigan, and even on a hot day, the water is usually cold or at least refreshing when you immerse yourself in a lake or pool. In fact, the lakes and pools in early June are downright chilly, frigid, and it takes a while for some of us older folks to get into the water and teeth chatter until you get used to the temperature.

There can be a lot of complaining or even screaming about how cold the water is at first. I love that refreshing feeling. I immediately got out of the hot tub temperature Florida pool, went to my room, and showered off. Note to self, go to Florida in January, not July, even though the rates are lower.

Back in Michigan, I reluctantly turned on the AC. After a while, the humidity was removed, the temperature was down, and I could use a lightweight summer-designed throw blanky again. I selected the one with water, fish & shells on it. Time for a well-deserved nap if I can quit thinking about how much my next electric bill will be.

“Remember, every day is a gift! Some are just a little more fun to open than others. – Joel Author of: “The Guinea Pig In The Freezer.” joelmvernier@aol.com © Joel M. Vernier  6/14/22

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