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Mio center happenings

It’s hard to believe it is that time of year when kids go back to school.

It flew by, even though they missed half the year last year. Maybe it is because we were busy, or maybe because the world is crazy, but I sure hope the schools can operate as normal so these children can have some normality in their lives again! Here’s what’s going on in August:

  • Aug. 4: Election day. Please vote yes for the Council on Aging millage! It is so desperately needed. Remember, the council has not asked for an increase in over 8 years, and as you know, on a fixed income, everything goes up but the amount you get per month. If you have any questions or concerns about this millage proposal, I am always willing to talk! Help us help you!
  • Aug. 10: The council Board will hold its monthly board meeting at the center at 1 p.m. As always, anyone with an interest is welcome to attend.
  • Aug. 12: Food drop (TEFAP) at the Center from 8-11 a.m. This program is free for anyone in the county, any age.
  • Aug. 18: Monthly food drop (CSFP) for seniors 60+ will be held at the fairgrounds from 10-11 a.m.
  • Aug. 20: Together We Can Food Pantry will hold its food distribution from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the fairgrounds. Sometimes they get an extra truck but I usually don’t know in time for this article when those dates are, but they always ask me to put it on our sign by the road, so keep an eye on that, or you can always call the venter and we will let you know. We are all out of Project FRESH coupons.

We now have a wonderful Foot Care lady; her name is Jordan. She we here last month for a trial run and it went well. She plans to be here at the Center the first Tuesday of the month (Aug. 4). She is willing to go to homes the last Tuesday of the month. Please call the center to make an appointment at 989-826-3025

With these outrageous temperatures we are getting this summer it is easy to get sick from heat stroke. I know I go over this every year, but it is an important topic – it could save a life!

 If you plan to do any work outdoors do it in the early morning before 11 a.m. when the heat starts to get bad. If you do find yourself out during the heat of the day finding shade is key and having water always is a good idea too.

Heat stroke will feel like the flu – you will get the chills and feel clammy all over. You will get lightheaded and dizzy.

If you find you start to feel this way seek a cool place immediately and drink lots of water. If you are around people let them know you are not feeling good. Have someone bring a cold wet towel to cover you to bring your body temperature down and call 911.

Heat stroke can get out of control very quickly. This is a common occurrence in the summer months so DO NOT FEEL BAD FOR CALLING THE AMBULANCE. I hear that a lot, “I feel bad for calling – it wasn’t an emergency.”

Let the professionals figure out if it is an emergency or not. Remember, stay cool, stay hydrated, stay safe! Have a great month, I will see you in September.

Merianne Tappan is Director/Medicare Counselor Oscoda County Council on Aging 429 North Mt. Tom Road in Mio. For more information call 989-826-3025 phone 989-826-3025.

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