News Range firing schedule for October 7 – 13, 2018

Range firing schedule for October 7 – 13, 2018

GRAYLING – For all the hunters who take part in Michigan’s Rifle Deer Season, we here at Camp Grayling usually do not allow any training to be scheduled for any of our Ranges during the two weeks of the Whitetail season. However, the 107th Fighter Squadron of the Michigan Air National guard has been ordered up for an overseas deployment. With this order the 107th Squadron will need to complete some required training out at Range 40 also known as our “Air to Ground” range. The Camp Grayling Commander worked with the 107th squadron leadership to keep Opening day and the weekend (November 15th -18th) quiet, and not have any training begin until Monday, November 19th – 30th. During this timeframe residents and hunters may see or hear low flying fixed winged aircrafts. Thank you in advance for your understanding as the 107th Fighter squadron prepares for their dangerous upcoming mission overseas.

A large number of Law enforcement units will continue to train here during this time period. Michigan National Guard Soldiers will begin their Annual Qualification requirement the month of October. Residents in and around our Small Arms Ranges located north of Howe Road, east of the gas pipeline, south of Portage Creek and west of Lake Margrethe may hear small arms firing during the timeframe especially when we get closer to the weekend of October 12-14.

A little further north at Camp Grayling’s Multi-Purpose Range Complex also known as the Range 30 complex, located north of North Down River Road, east of Jones Lake Road, south of County Road 612 and west of Bald Hill Truck Trail it will be a little quieter. All roads and trails west of Wakeley Bridge road, to include; Bucks East-West Truck Trail from Jones Lake Road to Wakeley Bridge Road, Ketchum truck Trail from Bucks East-West to North Down River Road, and Stephen Bridge Road from County Road 612 to North Down River Road will be open to civilian traffic. There may be some periodic timeframes the gates may be closed but should not be closed for very long. Please respect all closed gates and do not enter these areas for your safety. Please call and verify before going around any closed gates.

Camp Grayling’s Range 40 Complex, also known as the Air to Ground range, which is located north of County Road 612, east of Guthrie Lake, south of Old State Road 618 and west of County Road F97 (Twin Bridge Road) residents in the area may see or hear low flying fixed wing aircrafts and explosions within the impact area of Range 40, Tuesday, October 9 – Thursday, October 11 and Saturday, October 13.

For further information call 989-344-6100

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