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Rumor has it! Roscommon Village updates for February

What’s up around Roscommon? Well, Rumor Has It….one of our newer local businesses has closed due to other “expect”ations. Congratulations!

The Hiawatha Project is still in progress…getting through EGLE, DNR, HUD and other agencies, takes time, and patience. Congratulations to RARA on garnering a grant for improvements to the Metro Park.

An online auction is scheduled to take place February 8, for the “building” that houses Uncommonly Good. Open House is scheduled for February 5th. They have expanded…. check out what’s going on at that location! Guitar Lessons are available there as well.

Chase Bank building…whew! Many rumors…most recent being…possible deli, Coney Island, coffee shop, ice cream, arcade, golf shop, bar/restaurant…. I guess we just have to wait and see… It will be like unwrapping a gift!

Who’s expanding? BP gas station. The name will eventually change to Fleck’s Fresh Market…perhaps you had some of their wonderful coffee at the Rocktober Fest. Do stop in FFM for their Fleck’s coffee and fuel.

Valentine’s Day is coming soon…guys/gals – check out Addie Beth’s, Made Up North, Village Outfitters, 5th Street Market, Up North Candle Depot, White Pine & Petals, Roscommon Floral and Growing Up Greenhouse, or one of our other LOCAL businesses for that special someone. No need to go out of town or online! 

New owners of Fred’s are gratious and nice people! Stop in for refreshments or dinner and to say hello! Valentine’s Dinner?

It IS strange seeing the vacant land on the main corner… rumors are possibly a sports bar, Mexican…hmmm and someone is seeking a Kitchen Manager for a restaurant… 

Due to a lack of affordable housing in our area, the village has hired a consultant regarding private housing…. report should be forth coming soon. Grant applications for infrastructure, for water and sewer to the Industrial Park have been done. Plus, Community Partnership grants through EGLE. Great job Roscommon on the Shamrock Drop for New Year’s Eve! Fantastic crowd! For more information regarding what the “Village” is up to, check out Mornings With the Manager – 9am the third Thursday of the month. Coffee and breakfast rolls are included!

What else??? It will be out there for a year or so, but rumor is, Krispy Krunchy Chicken will be roosting in Rosco in the future!

Public Safety Millage election is coming up soon. Do your research! Call your County Commissioner for more insight.

All for now folks!

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