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Senior Painting Fundraiser 

The finished paintings of all who participated in the class.

By Savannah Jones, (Hale student)

HALE- The winter season is finally here which means it’s time to fundraise for the spring! Our seniors at Hale are getting ready to prepare and plan for their senior trip in May 2024. Thanks to Toni Nieman, Tracy Ready, and Cottage Vison Designs, this was able to be possible. 

The painting session was lots of fun and embraced our community’s inner art skills. The finished product was a snowman in a winter wonderland. Now everyone who participated has one less home decoration to purchase this Christmas season. Our community and staff were able to donate and fundraise $970 to the seniors! The senior class is very thankful for those who were able to participate. Be on the lookout for more information on other painting sessions! 

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