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Getting to mailbox and back safely

Getting there safely is the Goal

Well, just got back inside from checking the mail.

The snow is coming down pretty good and is piling up, so the goal was to retrieve the junk mail and bills without clobbering myself on the way there and back. Its that time of year again and at the risk of sounding like a broken record, (remember records?) we thought we’d send out a brief reminder on improving your chances of safely reaching your goal.

Whether it’s your favorite team reaching their “goal”, or just getting out to the car to head to the store or work, we can’t get wherever “there” is without the proper footwear. Emergency services has witnessed quite a few nasty falls of late and we’re just getting winter underway.

This firefighter has had three good friends, (yes, I do have three friends) in the past several weeks take spills. The least severe of these falls required the assistance of a neighbor to get back on her feet, the result being bumps, bruises, aches and pains. She got lucky.

The other two, were not so fortunate. Both ended up in the hospital, nothing broken but with injuries requiring long periods of ongoing recovery, therapy and still the possibility of future repair surgery.

There is a common thread that weaves through many of these types of accidents that becomes apparent after you witness several them: Improper footwear.

There’s no denying that many of us are guilty of disregarding the snow and ice conditions to run out to the mailbox or the shed for just a moment. Seems kind of silly to take the time to put on heavy shoes or boots for such a short time, but that’s exactly what we hope you will consider.

We hear time and again, “I was just going out for a moment when bam! On the ground I landed” We do realize that there are those of you that may not have adequate footwear, especially for icy conditions. After all, a good set of boots or shoes with non-slip tread doesn’t come cheap.

We’ve got a possible solution for you in that situation. You can get simple light-weight straps or harnesses that fit right over your shoes and they have spikes imbedded in them for traction.

For our friends out there who rely on either a cane or a walker, please check or have someone check for you, to make sure they are fitted with good slip resistant tips that are not worn out. It’s an item that is easily overlooked, but critical for proper use.

Well folks, we hope you keep steady on your feet and avoid those slips. As for me, time to get my snow shovel and clean off my snow-covered deck, so I can get to my snow blower to do some snow removal before it’s so deep I’ll need snowshoes!

Stay safe everyone. 

  • Elmore is a Markey Township firefighter


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