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‘Heads up’ on a healthy Fall Season

We’re talking about the season here folks. Not talking about falling out of bed, off the porch or down the stairs. None of that stuff is too healthy, is it? 

Already past the mid-point of September and the colors are arriving as usual. Also arriving as usual this time of year are the sports injuries and the spread of sickness as the school-year gets into full swing. With football and soccer being the dominate fall sports, there’s a potential of many different types of injuries but let’s just key in on concussion injuries to the head.

 On the bright side, coaches, trainers and many involved in the sports have really come a long way in working to protect our children from such injuries. In fact, our country has done great work in recognizing and working to prevent concussions. But let’s face it, they still happen. 

The reality is that concussions can be some of the most threatening injuries a player can face. In our continual effort to keep everyone as healthy and safe as we can, that’s why here in emergency services we urge all parents and those responsible for kids to become aware of the signs and symptoms of concussion. After a good whack in the head, a person my appear to be a bit confused or stunned. They may move a little clumsy and have vision problems. It’s possible they may lose consciousness or become nauseated. These are all indicators that they need help now. 

For a more information on signs and symptoms, go to www.cdc.gov and get more informed on the subject. This could prove to be very important, especially if you have kids that like to play “pick-up” ball or soccer without the benefit of coaches and staff that can provide equipment and training and are taught to recognize certain things. 

Of course, we’re using kids and sports to emphasize the point, but these things apply to anyone that gets their noggin bounced around. Your knowledge could help grandpa too, if he takes a bad fall. Other maladies of the head that can drive us nuts this time of year is the resurgence of the flu and cold season. 

With kids back in school, it seems they’re bound to catch whatever is out there and drag it home with them. I don’t know about you, but I hate a head cold with its congestion and throbbing headaches. Especially when the kids are over it in three days and I’m still suffering three weeks later. So just a reminder to teach them to always wash properly and to cough and sneeze in a protected method to keep the spread of germs to a minimum. 

In conjunction with this we urge you to consider getting a flu shot this time of year. We realize there are a lot of folks that don’t like the idea of a flu shot, so just follow your conscience along with good health habits.  Fall is full of enough health issues to drive you bonkers, so here’s some advice to wrap your head around: Why not get out on one of these beautiful, crisp, sunny fall days and take in the excitement of the kids’ football or soccer game? If that’s not your thing, maybe the quiet kerplunk of a fishing lure hitting the water on your favorite lake. Whatever it is, get out into the unmatched beauty of a Michigan fall. It just might be the healthiest thing for your head for the time being. Enjoy and stay safe.

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