Hart Ford
Hart Ford

The resolution

The years relentlessly come and go as we march through life. Sometimes, we ponder how and what to change and place a strong emphasis on accomplishing those goals. But try as we may, many times we fall short.

So, why wait until New Year’s to make resolutions? Why not change the paradigm, turn over a new leaf, and make those resolutions throughout the course of the year.

As for me, I have acknowledged the frustration, anger, and anxiety I felt while watching, reading, and listening to politics on various forms of media. So, I voluntarily and consistently stepped away and have taken a long-overdue hiatus.

Since then, my life has been reinvigorated. I am enjoying many benefits including a more calm and relaxed time to enjoy life; my disposition is so much happier. In other words, it is as though my self-inflicted chains have been lifted from me.

If you are experiencing similar emotions pertaining to various stressors in life, why not change your pattern?  The following are a few suggestions that I follow:

  1. Prayer: Pray for guidance in this process; practice meditation.
  2. Identification: Focus on what aggravates you, or items that may annoy.
  3. Honesty: Be honest, strip away all the fog and illusions that cast a veil over your emotions. Only then will you find comfort and satisfaction in your resolutions.
  4. Steadfastness: For many, through determination and spiritual guidance, success may be achieved. This could be by establishing boundaries that will aid in the resolution.
  5. Contentment: In time, this may follow where the stress, confusion, dread, anger, etc. is put to rest. Often this time will afford individuals positive, healthy experiences — otherwise never felt or had.

In summary, why not try to make the attempt? This may allow you the opportunity to release some of those shackles that hobble your emotional tranquility. The days may seem brighter, with less stress, and afford you opportunities to engage in more positive reflections leading to a more peaceful approach to life.

I hope and pray that all of you have a very blessed New Year 2023!

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