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Letter to the Editor: Transit and senior services report

REGION – My name is Chet Falkowski. I am a disabled senior veteran, and a resident of Charlevoix County. I wish to remain independent, and to that end I rely on Charlevoix County Transit (CCT) and Charlevoix County Commission on Aging (COA). However, the services provided by Charlevoix County COA and CCT are much less than their capabilities indicate, what should reasonably be expected, and what is the norm in other counties. With the population, revenues, and infrastructure that Charlevoix County enjoys, there can be no logical reason for the existing deficiencies.

The service deficiencies in Charlevoix County COA and CCT are easy to see and have existed for years, but have not been rectified. Even after repeatedly bringing them to the attention of the Charlevoix County Board of Commissioners, COA, and CCT. Even with generous state and federal grants, the deficiencies still exist.

As a way to better understand transit and senior services in Northern Michigan, and how senior residents’ quality of life is impacted, I conducted a study of those services in Charlevoix, Emmet, and Kalkaska Counties. The results of that study are now being made public in the attached report with this letter. The findings are being made available to the government entities of the three counties, the pertinent municipalities of each, the respective COAs and transit authorities, area service organizations, various State of Michigan agencies, and others.

While Charlevoix County should be audited to uncover the reasons for the grossly inferior service, Kalkaska County can stand tall and take pride in the level of service they provide to their residents. Charlevoix County should look to what is being done in Kalkaska County and use that as a guide to make the necessary changes to the service they provide. Emmet County can use the findings to help them fine tune their operations and improve the quality of life of their residents.

Chet Falkowski


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