Hart Ford
Hart Ford

Throw it out!

I was dozing in my “Comfy Chair” when I felt my shoulder shaking. It was my wife: “Joel, We have a new coach coming; please drag the old couch out to the street for the trash guys!” “I’m on it, I replied.”

I walked out to the garage where the old couch was resting. I looked at it and smiled, remembering the memories of myself, my family, and my dogs who, through the years, all took naps or slept overnight on this couch. My eyes swelled as I thought of how often my Grandson fell asleep on “Pupa’s” Lap and napped. I know it is a piece of furniture, and like everything, it has a life span. Humans do seem to get attached to many things in life that are inanimate objects or animals that talk like humans. Of Course, Walt Disney’s animation made everything come alive! Woodland creatures would talk and share concerns, just like us in the movie “Bambi.” In “Beauty And The Beast,” teapots and clocks talked, sang songs, and danced. I thought back to the many movies, tv shows, and cartoons I have viewed over the years. I enjoyed many fantasy stories that interacted with us on a human level. “My Mother, The Car!” “Mr. Ed” All of the Frances the talking mule movies. More recently, “Toy Story,” “Cars,” “Trolls,” “Lego Movie,” and “The Brave Little Toaster” The list could be endless.

In real life, my Dad called every car” Old Betsy!” Ships of the sea are often referred to as she; “She’s a good ship, she will get us thru the storm!” Humans enjoy having a relationship with everything. Sometimes the relationships are challenging, like the old lawnmower that takes 20to 25 pulls on the starter rope before it finally turns over. Then you can move on to cut the grass. Motorized things that are difficult to start often get called many names before they start, then once they start up, all is forgiven and often forgotten until the next- time they had to start it!

I remember sleeping on this old couch when I had the flu and could not make it to bed. Hiding the Easter basket behind this couch when my daughter was young. The many times I had to get down on my hands & knees to help my dog retrieve a bone or a ball. I thought they were the retrievers. The new couch is nice, but it does not have the memories of my old couch. I pulled it out to the street with my wheeled dolly and set it comfortably on the grass next to the trash pick-up place. It does not seem fitting to leave my old friend on the road. I took a moment and sat down on the couch one more time. One more memory. “So long old Friend,” I commented, and I went back inside the house. In the family room sat the new couch in all its pristine glory. I thought I heard it say, “C’mon, sit down on me; we will be such good friends.” I sat down for a moment; it was comfortable. Then I got up, sat back down in my “Comfy Chair, ” and resumed my nap.

“Remember, every day is a gift! Some are just a little more fun to open than others. – © Joel M. Vernier 09/5/2022 Author of: “The Guinea Pig In The Freezer.” joelmvernier@aol.com

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