Hart Ford
Hart Ford

The class reunion

I was napping in my “Comfy Chair” when my wife yelled out: “Joel, time to get ready for your High School reunion!”

 I groggily responded: “Okay!” I thought for a moment, it is a two-hour drive, it is storming outside, I’m already tired, and I have to drive back tonight because the hotels were all around $200 a night. I spent a half-hour looking in my closet, trying to pick out an outfit that does not make me look fat. After I came to the realization that I am fat, and whatever outfit I pick out will reflect that. I made my selection, showered, and got dressed.

Going on a trip like this requires a lot of planning. Put the cooler in the car, ice drinks, and snacks just in case the food at the reunion isn’t delicious. I threw the ball for my dogs and headed out for my journey downstate.

I drove thru some gully-washer storms and thought about just heading back home, but I did spend $65 on my ticket. When I arrived, I filled up my tank, as I always like to be able to head home quickly. I parked in the parking lot, looked around, and a well-dressed older couple were getting out of their car next to me. I called out, “If you’re going to the reunion, I’m underdressed!” They laughed and called out my name, stating that I always made them laugh in High School.

We entered the building and found the Ballroom, where our reunion was held. 

Name tags with pictures were the first order of business.

I have attended every reunion, sometimes reluctantly, but I always have a great time! Later reunions are a bit challenging, as some people may not look like their picture. 

In High School, there were clicks and groups. In the ’70s, you had the “Frats,” “Greasers,” “Jocks,” “Band/Theatre Geeks,” and others I cannot remember. I didn’t fit into any of these, but I enjoyed knowing people from each group. I was comfortable with everyone, but not everyone was comfortable with me. 

As the reunions add up, you find yourself in one large group that is just happy to be able to attend. It is so much fun reminiscing about things that happened as you were growing up with everyone.

If someone came up and asked: “Do you remember me?” I always said yes. 

Take Away’s: Everyone is older, but mentally most feel like they are 18. While appearance changes, there is always something you remember, the sparkle in their eyes or the sound of their voices. 

I had a fantastic time, renewing many friendships and making new ones. When you are invited to go to your reunion, I recommend you go, you will enjoy remembering the people you spent time with and have a few laughs!

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