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Left abandoned: What mothers really mean to us

Deserted, it stood as a silent sentinel of love for the world to witness. What I am referring to is the photo, frozen in time, of a group of vacant strollers left by Polish mothers at the Polish-Ukrainian border for the Ukrainian mothers and their children fleeing from their war-torn country.

Through all the carnage, destruction, disruption, and loss of life, one saw for a brief moment an act of love demonstrated by a group of women. This brought a bright light illuminating the darkness that surrounded them. It reminded us that:  

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only Light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only Love can do that.” 

        – Author unknown

A mother’s love, like the example above, is boundless and limitless. It transcends not only her own family, but reaches and touches so many beyond. This unconditional love can sometimes be witnessed, but often lies veiled and hidden by simple, subtle actions and words of encouragement (placed at certain advantageous times), all sprinkled with a huge amount of hugs and smiles.

Some specific examples of this unconditional love are demonstrated by adoption of children by adults—a stepping-in as a mother figure to children when their real mother is not present. Another is filling the role as step-parent in children’s lives, or as a foster parent to children who have been in difficult situations.

These are but minuscule examples of a mother’s love, and following what God would want them to do. So, please, if your mother is still around, or if you have others who have taken her place, make the time to tell them how much you love them, and why.

This article is dedicated to Nancy Clark (of Crystal Falls), a wonderful, loving mother to four children; my deceased mother, Alice Paul; and for all mothers everywhere. God bless all of you, and Happy Mother’s Day!

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