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Hart Ford

Puppy playtime

View from the Comfy Chair

It was about 3:30 pm, I settled into my “Comfy Chair” for a well-deserved afternoon nap. I pulled a warm throw around me, covered my legs and began to drift off to slumber land. I had forgotten to mute my cell phone and it began to call me with a tone I selected for a friend of mine. I debated for a minute whether I should look at the message now or check it after my nap. The sound came back on again in an irritating fashion, I decided to look at the message. It was my friend asking If I wanted to engage in “Puppy Playtime!”

“Puppy Playtime” is a wonderful time for our doggies. It lets them runaround, get treats, chase some balls, smell on other dogs and just hang out with their doggie friends while my friend and I catch up on the events and news of the day. I texted back: On Way! I put on my doggie walking attire, my vest that holds all of the dog necessities: treats, dog whistle, double leash when needed, doggie bags to pick up doggie logs, tissue’s for when my sinuses get active, siren in case I see a bear and a cell phone holder. It’s a real handy vest to keep everything at my fingertips.

Off we went to walk the quarter mile to my friend’s house. As we get to the final few yards away, his two Goldens are out to greet us and mine take off and rocket to meet them, the joy and happiness of Goldens is a wondrous site!

It is a very fast blurry line of golden fur composed of four sprinting Golden retrievers. 

Then the games begin! Zoomies occur with a multi-directional scramble; they move so fast you cannot even guess when they will change directions. 

There is one thing that they all have in common, they love treats and petting. Two blows on the doggie whistle means treat time, come and sit for a treat. It is awesome to see them come up, sit down and wait for the reward of a small treat. Then they are off again to chase a ball, chase each other or just run around until it’s time to sit or lay down to catch their breath.

 We have neighbors that walk by and call out to them to come and get petted or for another treat, it’s kind of like they pay a toll to walk by our Goldens, a treat or just a good petting! The dogs now believe that anyone walking by wants to pet them or give them a snack. 

Not everyone is comfortable with 4 big dogs running to greet them, often barking with glee, that could be misunderstood and aggressive behavior on our dog’s part. Goldens just want to have fun, get petted and be loved then on to the next person or couple walking by for more of the same.

My friend and I discuss how to fix all of the world’s dilemmas, the dogs get tired, and it’s time to bring “Puppy Playtime” to its conclusion for the day, after saying our goodbyes we make our way home and settle down for them to have a “Puppy Nap” and I get to resume my nap uninterrupted this time. It’s a great life!

“Remember, every day is a gift! Some are just a little more fun to open than others. – © Joel M. Vernier 04/25/2021 Author of: “The Guinea Pig In The Freezer.” joelmvernier@aol.com

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