Hart Ford
Hart Ford

Butter is better

I was finally settling into my ‘Comfy Chair’ ready for a much deserved opportunity to study my eyelids, and I heard my wife call out; ‘Joel, get up! You have to go to town, we are out of butter!’

I replied; ‘Out of butter, how? Why? Oh no!’

She said;’You used a whole stick of butter on your popcorn last night and the rest on your toast this morning!’

I thought to myself, how could this happen? Butter is a staple and you can freeze it! How could we be out of butter? Doctor conspiracy I’d bet on it!

According to Wikipedia, butter is 80% milk fat. But to me butter is 100% Love! Butter on a warm roll or a cinnamon bun, on toast fresh out of the toaster, on popcorn, on any vegetable. I love butter in shrimp scampi, lobster dipped in warm butter, artichokes dipped in warm butter, yes even my finger dipped in warm butter!

Pan fried goodies like fish, Pierogi, French toast, grilled cheese sandwiches, butter burgers! Butter is love and life!

Many Doctors tell you to limit animal fats of which butter is one. You should always do what your Doctor says! My mom lived to be 94 years old; she always ate real butter, and put Half & Half in her coffee. Hmmm.

I always wonder who invented butter? Butter is truly a gift from the ‘gods’ (as a figure of speech.) Wikipedia suggests that; ‘An ancient method of butter making, still used today in parts of Africa and the Near East, involves a goat skin half filled with milk, and inflated with air before being sealed. The skin is then hung with ropes on a tripod of sticks, and rocked until the movement leads to the formation of butter.

I love the old movies of pioneer people with the wooden butter churn, and moving the wooden stick up and down for a long time to make butter. It’ worth it!

Why did we invent Oleo or margarine an imitation butter substitute? I understand that during the war, butter was scarce, so the chemists developed an emulsified unnatural process of hydrogenated vegetable oils and in the past, beef or some other animal fat mixed in. Originally it was white in color and they had a packet of yellow die that you would mix in with it to make it look more like butter.

I never liked the taste of any of these products compared to butter, and being a ‘Boomer’ we did not have a shortage of butter, except at my house today.

Non-dairy margarine is helpful in the kosher community at certain times for other religious or health reasons. The Mayo Clinic says most margarine is better for you than butter, as long as the transfers are removed and that costs more. Every time the food industry takes something out of a product it costs more; No High Fructose Syrup, Gluten Free etc.

In looking at many cookbooks, some say butter or margarine, I never seem to read past butter! Butter is beautiful; butter is ‘Bad!’ (Meant in a good way, like steak is bad to the bone!) (Or in the Doctor way, as in don’t eat it!) If Butter is on sale I think I will buy 10 pounds of butter, I can freeze it for an emergency! Butter is Better!

‘Remember, every day is a gift! Some are just a little more fun to open than others. – Joel

Author of: ‘The Guinea Pig In The Freezer’. joelmvernier@aol.com

-¬ Joel M. Vernier April 17, 17


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