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Grayling Buck Pole filled up

By Bob Gingerich

GRAYLING – The 58th Annual Grayling Buck Pole is now in the books.

At dawn on the first day the temperature was 33 with severe fog. A weather fog alert was in effect until 9 a.m. slowing everything down.

The first deer came in at 8:27 a.m. 15 minutes earlier than last year. Missy Millikin of Skips Sport Shop, said ‘this year’ bow season has been a little too warm. Even with the higher temperature hunters are seeing a lot of deer.’

At the end of the day 15 deer were recorded compared to last year’ 19 bucks.

Thomas Hause of Grayling was first with a 9-point. Seven year-old Brooklyn Robinson rolled in with a 110 pound 6-point. She was the first female of the day and was headed back to Mrs Shory’ second grade Grayling Elementary class.

Following the pair was: Glen Hatfield (157 pound 8-point; Lee Schreiber (110 pound four-point); Art Wargo of Rochester Hills arrived with a 115 pound eight point; Keith Persichini of Frankenmuth (137 pound 6-point)’ Ryan Halstead (145 pound 8-point); Jason Wilson of Grayling (100 pound 4-point); Steve Moon of Grayling (145 pound 8-point); Garrett Riley of Grayling brought in a 115 pound 3-point).

Volunteers from the Camp Grayling Conservation Club said 6-year old Brody Partello arrived at 11:15 with a 112 pound 4-point). He attends Grayling Elementary in Ms. Hatfield’ class. He enjoys math and gave his dad a big hug after taking the buck.

Also bringing in deer opening day were Noah Kolka of Grayling (147 pound 7-point; Mike Wakeley 130 pound 8-point; and John Schwark (150 pound 10-point. The last deer of the day was bagged by Tyler Rock of Grayling , a 107 pound 7-pointer.

Day Two – Nov. 16
Day Two started with partly cloudy skies and 40 degrees.
The first deer to arrive were taken the night before after hanging on the buck pole had concluded. Mallory Hatfield dropped off her deer taken the night before that was a 125 pound 3-pointer; and Cody Collen (170 pound 8-point).

The first deer of the day came in at 10:40 a.m. It was a massive 205 pound 8-point buck that measured 151 inches.

Also bringing in deer the second day were: Bill Reichelderfer (65 pound 8-point’ Bob Fay of Roscommon (157 pound 10-point); and Brian Jacobs of Frederic, who was the last to arrive with a 120 pound six point.

The Camp Grayling Conservation Club stops hanging deer at 5 p.m. and they are taken down at 7 p.m., giving everyone a chance to see all of the deer. For 23 years the Camp Grayling Conservation Club has sponsored and staffed the running of the Buck Pole.

Hunters are awarded prizes in various categories such as first buck for the day or youngest hunter. The deer are not only weighed but the antlers are measured and a scoring system takes into consideration total spread, number of points, and length of points assigns a score used to determine the best Buck of the two days.

The overall winner for the two days receives a new $800 scoped crossbow. It is possible to win a prize in more than one category.

Day One and Two – Buck Listing
Tuesday November 15th ,2016
Name Home Weight Score Notes
#1 Thomas Hause Grayling 135 81 1/2 First Buck
#2 Brooklyn Robinson Grayling 110 42 First Female
#3 Glen Hatfield Columbiaville 157 86 5/8 Heaviest Buck
#4 Lee Schreiber Grayling 110 110
#5 Art Wargo Rochester Hills 115 88 7/8 Oldest Hunter
#6 Keith Persichini Frankenmuth 137 69 1/2
#7 Ryan Halstead Grayling 145 124 1/2
#8 Jason Wilson Grayling 100 42 3/4
#9 Steve Moon Grayling 145 108
#10 Garrett Reilly Grayling 115 35 3/4
#11 Brody Partello Frederic 112 44 1/2 Youngest Hunter
#12 Noah Kolka Grayling 147 93
#13 MikeWakeley Grayling 130 101 -+
#14 John Schwark Clinton Twp 150 128 1/4 Largest Rack
#15 Tyler Rock Grayling 107 80 1/2
Wednesday November 16th, 2016
Name Home Weight Score Notes
#1. Dean Miller Grayling 205 151 First Deer, Largest Rack,
Heaviest Buck
#2. Mallory Hatfield Grayling 125 48 First Woman, Youngest Hunter
#3. Cody Collen Grayling 170 118 1/4
#4. Bill Reichelderfer Roscommon 165 116 1/2
#5. Bob Fay Roscommon 157 134 -+ Oldest Hunter
# 6. Brian Jacobs Frederic 120 65 1/4

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