Woman rescued from Ross Lake

Divers from the Billings Township Dive Team along with Michigan Department of Natural Resources help recover a Chevrolet Trax from Ross Lake. An elderly woman reportedly drove it into the lake. She was taken to MidMichigan Hospital - Gladwin for evaluation.

By Tereasa Nims

After driving a Chevrolet Trax into the east side of Ross Lake around noon Sunday, an elderly woman was rescued by bystanders.

Beaverton Fire and Rescue Chief Matt Fruchey said the woman was able to get on top of her floating vehicle and get the attention of bystanders on the shore. They jumped in the water to save the woman as her vehicle began plunging to the bottom of the lake. Fruchey said they got the woman to shore and wrapped her in a blanket.

The woman’s rescuers were not identified.
The SUV drifted about 50-feet from the shore. Divers used a hitch from Beaverton Towing to pull the vehicle to shore. Water poured from the SUV as it was loaded on the tow truck.
Beaverton Fire and Rescue were assisted by the Billings Township Dive Team, Beaverton police, Gladwin County Sheriff’s deputies and the Michigan DNR.

Fruchey said with the sole occupant safe, their task was to safely recover the car. The chief said all the departments worked well together, making for a smooth endeavor.

City officials said that if the vehicle drifted south toward the dam, it could have caused a massive amount of damage.

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