Roscommon shop sports quilt square

ROSCOMMON–Quilt Squares can be found all around the United States; the movement represents our country’s forefathers, their lives and livelihoods that made our country the wonderful place that it is today. Michigan’s city, country, and rural landscapes all embrace the quilt trail heritage, proudly exhibiting their individually chosen or uniquely created wooden painted quilt trail blocks.

Driving through Roscommon past the “Antiques and Uniques” shoppe on 5th Street, one can’t help but notice the beautiful quilt square mounted on the front of the building. Though Karen Walper, co-owner of the store, doesn’t know the name of the pattern, she and her business partner Barbara Wood “fell in love with the colorful design.”

Antiques and Uniques opened just over three years ago, and the quilt square was put in place within months of their grand opening.

“It took time to get painted; the Historical Society said it was the most difficult they’d ever done,” Walper said.

The intricate block design is amazing!

Karen and Barbara love the attention their store gets because of their quilt square;

“People try to buy it all the time,” Walper said, laughing. “Unfortunately, it’s not for sale.”

Redirecting them into their eclectic shoppe, full of unusual and vintage items, not only allows visitors to enjoy the items from another era but lets Kathy and Barbara meet new and exciting people from all over the world.

“We have a ‘Visitor’s Log Book’ just inside the door,” Kathy said with a smile, “It makes us really happy to have guests from other states visit our little shoppe.”

Looking at the book, people from California, Florida, and Nebraska are notable visitors along with others from surrounding cities in the Northeastern part of Michigan.

It makes perfect sense to Karen and Barbara, who proudly display their bright and beautiful quilt square on the front of their store;

“It is well worth the price to have it painted!”

With the contents of their store being a combination of vintage and gently used items, the comfort of the quilt aptly represents what Antiques and Uniques brings to Roscommon.

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