Students build useful items in industrial arts

Students by bookcases include: (l-r) Brady Briggs, Mr. Farison, Kadyn Williams, Kolby Tyler, Alex Buckalew, and Chris Valko.

ROSCOMMON – When the Roscommon High School library needed additional shelving, the Industrial Trades students in Mr. Farison’s Construction Trades class built and installed custom bookcases.

Mr. Patterson and Mr. Smitz serve up coffee while Grace Labonte waits her turn.

The bookcases were less costly than commercial bookcases, are much larger, and are hand crafted with a unique touch. Four of the five bookcases are inscribed with the name of a senior student who took a lead on the project, with the fourth center bookcases topped with the inscription: Class of 2017-2018 Farison’s Construction Trades and the Buck Logo. While the seniors have now graduated, the rest of the class lent a hand to install them.

The students have also built other useful items for the school. The new Coffee Cafe is up and running for the Friday morning fundraiser. The handy cart was hand built by the IT students with plugs for the coffee machines, fold up shelves, storage below and a cute umbrella stand.

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