Letters to Santa

(Editor’s note: pictures and student Letters to Santa will be available online over the next week a few at a time. These are unedited).

Our Lady of the Lakes – 1st & 2nd Grade Mrs. Leslie Greer

Dear Santa

I want a Lego Set and I wat monopoly Junior

Sincerely Adam (Adam Wahl, grade 1)


sunserly Santa,

I Want a Drabick and Nentendo 3ds and afdck Leapfrog andd Phon and a monopaly jr-

sunsrly Jessie (Jessie Jones, grade 1)


FAith LoVe

DeAr sAnta,

I want hatChlole I want JuStin BieperBooK.

I want (Faith Zielke, grade 1)


Dear Santa, I’m ecsated for you to come. I wold like to Have a puppy and a BairB Drem capre and a pop cone can

and clatBre moStriv High doLLs. And a notr caPter book

KAYLA (Kayla Champagne, grade 2)


Dear Santa,

Can I Please have a Bride manthine and he Bride play set

Love Catie (Catie Janisse, grade 2)


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