Letters to Santa

(Editor’s note: pictures and student Letters to Santa will be available online over the next week a few at a time. These are unedited).

1st Grade

Mrs. Ritchie’s Class

Dear Santa

i wut qooqe Plese

S Elizabeth


dersa Tuiw

jooje Plese

(Elizabeth Petters)


Deaer Santa

I wcN a Neh GoN SoP and SKYviot I wot 2 theg

(Liam Slates) SkyVibr

Dear Santa may I Ples- Have fome Kayden Miller


Dere Santa

i wont a Lot of ShopKins And an aMarukin grl DoLL And a mine mose

From haylie (Thompson)


Dear Santa

motorcycle motorcycle helmet

Travis Witt


1.              I Wot a MarrcKindoll.

2.              I Wot a SnoopKonn.

3.              I wot a isckrem makrr.

4.              I Wot a doll hos.

5.              I wot a dog hos.

6.              I wot a hos for me.

7.              I wot a tabll a big wun. flowrs.

8.              I wota a dog a rell wun.

For, Sattu.

Frum, MeKenzie.


1.              a hver Bord

2.              Elf on the shelf

3.              a kooking set

4.              a tooy chruk

5.              a toy how

6.              noow Bed set

7.              And a Jooh

8.              chregel chest

9.              smrt Boord

10.           And YoKi Bassliny

Der. Santu.

(Brittny Apps)


DeAr Sant


christmas from Jone Be BooKs

a now Bindr

Mast hi dios

A Bret and pop

a novr a marcindal

a Bret Santa

the ZrinQ move

cr is inJ



1.              a Fire hoos

2.              a huvr BorD

3.              a elf on the sheF

4.              a tyo chran

5.              a tyo Klchin

6.              a MiriKin DoL

7.              a DoL hoos

8.              a isKe MaKr

9.              a KaeeKLa

10.           a Kran BoKS

that is PiK

11.           a Dog hooS

Charlotte (MaRodei)


Dear Sants

tom is chrcs.

Nrf gun.

otr o nost.

Bat man cor.

From Cooper (Ewald)


i Bean good this year i want a Girl elF on the shelFe and a new Doll house

Delaney (Miller)


a flot

a Bror

a FaKelf

a lot sor food

mor Bnos

cuB Pensois

(Devyn Fiebelkor)

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