Letters to Santa

(Editor’s note: pictures and student Letters to Santa will be available online over the next week a few at a time. These are unedited).

3rd Grade   Mrs. Wintersheimer’s Class

Dear Santa, I want

a little Live pupy

and a doll. thank

you please. Santa

from. Erika Roth


Dear Santa, I want a

laptop for christmas.

What’s christmas about? Also, I

would like a game called

chrono bomb, and a avengers

umbrella, if you can get them.

From Gavin


Hi, Santa I away’s think about

Christmas I like when you

git me present’s and I never

got cole.

Love: Ella


Dear Santa I

want For christmas

is a new IPad and

Hignt Heals and more

Please I will

Be good

Trenidy Harris


My Mom and Dad for Christmas



Dear Santa,

can you give me the

Lego Sith Inforter


Jack Erickson


i want a mouenciol holelopter

a Dog a CHESS BOrD

and a stetoneiml



I like this.

Crew Tyler

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