Making reading magic

“Jumpin’ Joel” aka Joel Tacey of Bay City, entertained families at the Richfield Township Library’s “Sprint! Run! Jump Into Reading” magical comedy show.

ST.HELEN – The Richfield Township Library hosted “Joel’s Page Racer Magical Comedy Show” August 23 for children and adults alike.

“When I do a show, I prefer it when the entire family shows up for my shows. The look of amazement on the parent’s faces as well as the kids is one of the things that I love best about doing this,” said Magician Joel Tacey.

The young audience was thrilled as Tacey worked his magic, making things float, disappear and reappear, and cracked jokes that had the audience laughing loudly. The audience stared in amazement as he pulled light out of everything, including the kid’s ears, their cheeks, and even their shoes.

“My favorite part was when he pulled out the music!” said 4 year old Parker Cruz of St. Helen.

Tacey, of Bay City, brings twenty years of professional experience to his shows. He performs at libraries, schools, and other venues as well as personal parties. He chose “literacy” as his focus because it is so very important for everyone to know how to read and write.

“We must encourage the kids to read, show them that it’s not only important in day to day things, but also the value of being swept away in a good book,” said Tacey.

Each child went home with a great memory, a new coloring book and crayons, and a new stuffed dog. The Richfield Township Library also provided snacks for everyone who attended.

“Our summer magic show is one of the ways we encourage kids to read” said Librarian Lynn Taylor “and Joel is an amazing and entertaining magician, we love to have him.”

“I am making a living now, doing what I used to get in trouble at the Catholic School for doing.  I wasn’t the class clown by any means, but I made people laugh.  As for the magic, I have been doing that since I was born!  One day, I just appeared!” said Tacey.

For more information about Tacey’s shows, visit or call him at 1-866-625-4846.


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