Gerrish-Higgins, Roscommon annual All-School Reunion held

Special guests at the Gerrish-Higgins All-School reunion, celebrating 50 years since graduating in 1966 were Kim Cronin, Henry Tupis, Brian Willett, Carl Gippert, John Hartman and Terry Beutler; with Susan Hadley Worden in front. ~Courtesy photo

ROSCOMMON – 175 classmates recently attended the Annual All-School Gerrish-Higgins/Roscommon Alumni Reunion. A 50-year span of former students from the class of 1941-1990 attended this year.

Reunions are held each year, the second Saturday of July from 7-10 p.m. in the former school, now the CRAF Center. They especially welcome former faculty, staff and board of education members.

Along with the members celebrating their 50th reunion (see photo) others celebrating special years were: Class of 1941, 75th, Eleanor Carlson Tucker. Class of 1946, 70th, Fran Cherven Diss and June Phillips Rogers. Class of 1951, 65th, Daryl Fishel and Nilah Scott Mason.

Class of 1956, 60th, Yvonne Babcock Winter, Gordon Bailey, Arlene Boeckler Sopscak, Howard Carr, Janet Garner Garthe, Yvonne March Yarnell, Larry Mead, Robert Murphy, Vern Myer, David Sopscak and Floyd Willett.

Class of 1961, 55th, Susann Babcock North, Joyce Ballard, Nancy Cingano Gillett, Kay Garner Norrid, Rita Gillman Mead, Lee Klemetti, Tom McBeath, Joyce Millikin Henning, Loretta Moore Hughes, Dave Myer, Barb Myer Stauffer, John Ogren, Louise Oppy Mahan, Bill Pratt, and Suzanne Sisco Abraham.

1971, 45th, Darrell Ames, Gwynne Bartlett Shelby, Ann Diss Legg, Tom Fox, Richard French, Betty Karjalainen Ames and Tom Taylor.

1976, 40th Dawn Becker Hearin, Vickie Legg Luck, Kathy Love Meyer, Mike Marsh and Tim Mowery.

The classes of 1981 (35 years), 1986 (30 years) and 1991 (25 years) did not hold reunions with this group.

Classmates traveled from California, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, state of Washington and West Virginia.

Several classmates attended this reunion for the first time; others came after they held their class reunion(s) earlier in the day.

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The Alumni Reunion Committee currently consists of: Becky Barnes, Diane Boyer, Fran Diss, Kay Dougherty, Jim Ebert, Rita Fay, Mary Ann Figley, Che-Che Flewelling, Joy Granlund, Sheba Haight, Glenn Haight, Joyce Henning, Sharon Huffman, Margaret Karinen, Ann Legg, Cheryl Legg, Nilah Mason, Susie McGlinchey, Terry Morley, Nancy Perry, Bruce Phillips, Cathy Rivas, Barb Stauffer, Sally Vorheis and Yvonne Yarnell. Meetings are held in the CRAF Center, the last Wednesday of March – June and September at 7 p.m.  Please join us anytime.

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