Support Ogemaw County extension, 4-H millage

Andrew Walker

By Andrew Walker

The 4-H motto is, “to make the best better.”

Ogemaw county has the chance to save an institution that has helped build communities and future leaders for the past 100 years, locally in the county. 4-H and Michigan State University Extension, both of which began in Ogemaw County in 1917 have been a staple to this county since that time, assisting the agricultural community through research based strategies, shaping future leaders, helping build communities and seeking economic development, among many other programs.

4-H members, with their livestock, have had a presence at the Ogemaw County Fair every year since the current fair began in 1980. 4-H and Extension have continuously worked to make the best better for residents of Ogemaw County.

MSU Extension and 4-H have a presence in almost every single county in Michigan. As county budgets get tighter, Ogemaw County is not alone in transferring the funding of MSUE and 4-H to a millage. In fact, Iosco, Gladwin, Alcona and multiple other counties in Michigan have already passed millages to fund these programs, with many others looking to do the same in the near future.

The August 7, 2018 election will be the first time that Ogemaw voters get to cast their vote solely on 4-H and MSU Extension, without other programs included in an omnibus millage. And the current millage will cost just $7.33 for a homeowner with property having a taxable value of $50,000.00, or $3.66 if the taxable value is $25,000.00. This is a small price to pay for some outstanding community programs.

Without millage funding, 4-H and MSUE programs would not be around for future generations in Ogemaw County, like they were for previous generations. We need to make our children, families and communities here in Ogemaw County a priority. By investing in 4-H and MSU Extension, these programs can continue 100 years’ worth of work in making the best better in Ogemaw County. Vote YES on August 7 to save Ogemaw County 4-H and MSU Extension.

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