2017 New Year’s Resolutions!

2017 New Year’s Resolutions!

I shifted my posture to be more comfortable as I nap in my “Comfy Chair”. I adjusted my warm fleece throw blanket to keep the cold from hitting my legs and waking me up. But alas, I find that I’m awake. This happens to me when I have too many things on my mind, or when there is something that I forgot to do, or that I have to do in the future.

All I wanted to do today is to take a nice warm January nap. It’s cold outside, the snow is flying, the wind is howling and it just seems like the right thing to do, to pursue my favorite hobby napping. I once again shift my posture to help bring on the sleep that I need to get me through the afternoon, my thoughts rear up in my mind like an energizing buzz saw that just will not let me relax, I keep thinking about my New Year’s resolution.

Now that the glow of New Years Eve 2017 has begun to fade, how are you doing on your New Year’s Resolutions?

Many people make these commitments to themselves and never tell anyone, that’s smart! Many people make these resolutions after consuming alcoholic beverages on New Year’s Eve, that is truly risky behavior because they may not have thought about what they are committing to and worse, friends and family may have heard what you said and will remind you if your do not work towards attaining your goal.

Let me review the past few New Year’s resolutions:

2016’s resolution was to lose weight, exercise more, and to watch what I eat. 2015’s resolution was to lose weight, exercise more, and to watch what I eat. 2014’s resolution was to lose weight, exercise more, and to watch what I eat. 2013’s resolution was to lose weight, exercise more, and to watch what I eat.

In fact, as far back as I can remember these three themes have been my annual resolutions, and yes I made them again this year! How have I done so far?

The reality is that the holidays are not conducive to losing weight, too many parties, too much holiday eggnog, cookies, candy, pies, and snacks. It’s always better to wait until the first week in January. Of course you cannot just go cold turkey and start to diet, you need to acclimate yourself to dieting, begin cutting down a little at a time.

And in January with all of the playoff football games, basketball games, Hockey games everyone knows that it is impossible to diet when watching sports on television. My dad concluded that the only way to help your team win a sporting event was to make sure you took in enough calories to help your team keep their energy level up so they can perform at an optimal level. If you watch a game and consume carrot sticks and celery, your team will fade quickly from lack of energy and lose. My dad always helped his teams out with an assortment of game day foods, pizza, wings, chips, dips, peanuts, crackers & cheese, fried chicken, tacos, jalapeños, and just before bed of course, Mylanta, washed down with cold beer. And of course this all leads up to the Super Bowl, the junk food marathon that last for days, highlights of past Super Bowls, Super Bowl Bloopers, The Best Of Super Bowl Commercials, Previews of the upcoming Super Bowl, The Super Bowl, and post analysis of the Super Bowl. This is a great event, because if your team is not in the Super Bowl, you just pick a team to root for and help them play vicariously via your caloric consumption!

So not achieving my New Year’s Resolutions is not really my fault. I support every sporting event, I even watch “Curling” from Canada, and the 24-hour sport channels keep me so engaged. Then when you add in the holiday parties, birthday parties, all you can eat benefits to help people and charities, you literally cannot find a weekend that is conducive to starting a diet.

In fact it is well known that once you hit 40 years old, your metabolism slows down, nature is against you! Most people gain 10 pounds each decade as they get older. Many people get diabetes from being overweight, and then their Doctors prescribe medications that help control their diabetes, but cause an increase in weight. Even Doctors can be against you, they tell you to lose weight, and then they prescribe a medicine that has the side effect of making you gain weight! Captain Kirk! This is the “Kobayashi Maru” that even you could not beat! Have you seen any recent pictures of William Shatner? I rest my case.

In 2017, I firmly commit myself to achieving my New Year’s Resolutions, and if I cannot achieve them? Well there is always 2018!


“Remember, every day is a gift! Some are just a little more fun to     open than others. – Joel


© Joel M. Vernier January 6, 17

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