People at Work: Grayling, Prudenville, Roscommon and St. Helen

Carly Cross

Carly Cross works at Family Video in Grayling. “I like the atmosphere here and I like helping people find good movies to watch,” Cross said. “I have been watching more movies myself when I am not working,” she

Carly Cross works at Family Video in Grayling.

added. Cross is a full time student at Kirtland Community College studying business management.



Chris Amble is a cashier at the Dollar Daze Store in Prudenville. Waiting on customers, stocking merchandise, doing paperwork and filling balloon orders are some of her duties. “I like the customers and I love my co-workers,” Amble said. “It’s a good job,” she added. Amble is an avid reader and gardener and has been married for 12 years.

Chris Amble









Eric Howell

Eric Howell washes automobiles at the Squeaky Clean Carwash. “I like working here because it keeps me busy on my feet,” Howell said. “I always have my headphones on because I like to listen to music,” he added. Howell is married with two daughters.



St. Helen

Mike Bednarik works at St. Helen Bait and Tackle.

Steve Bednarik

Bow tuning, arrow building as well as selling live bait and tackle are some of the jobs he does here. Bednarik moved to St. Helen when he was a year old. “I like to hunt and fish when I am not here at the store working,” Bednarik said. “I just like to get outdoors,” he added.

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